Sunday, 5 June 2011

Equipment, Techniques, and a battle!

This post is all about equipment, techniques, and at the end, a few lines from a battle! First, we'll get ourselves some equipment, from the !shop. It carries all sorts of equipment suited for a new character. More advanced characters have different options available to them. The shop is split into four catagories. Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Items.

There are 18 different types of weapons in the system, each with it's own benefits and disadvantages. For our purposes, we'll be using one handed swords. It is one of the few weapon types without a true disadvantage, other then it's benefit being slightly lackluster. Swords provide a accuracy boost, which can be useful during lower levels to overcome Block and Dodge rating. By default, Swords are a Physical weapon, however, on request, a player could request a Magic, Psionic, or Dexterity based one.

Lets see what types of swords are available...

<Prismbot> Welcome to the Sword store! Following is a list of available swords. Type !equip-info <Sword> for information on a specific sword. Type !buy <Sword> to buy a sword.
<Prismbot>  ¤Copper-Sword¤Bronze-Sword¤Iron-Sword¤Seraphrite-Sword¤

A selection of four possiblities. We only have 5,000 units of money to use for purchasing, however, ruling out that Seraphrite Sword by default. The Bronze Sword sounds good, but lets review its stats first.

<Prismbot> <Price: 1070> <Type: Sword> <Damage/Accuracy Type: phys><Attack Power: 50><Accuracy: 50><Critical Percent/Power: 10/1.5> <Elements: Metal>

Note to self: Change 'elements' to 'affinities' later. It's a pretty standard weapon overall. Lets compare it to the Iron Sword, however.

<Prismbot> <Price: 1900> <Type: Sword> <Damage/Accuracy Type: phys><Attack Power: 100><Accuracy: 50><Critical Percent/Power: 10/1.5> <Elements: Metal>

Given that we have the money, I think we'll get a Iron Sword, just for that extra bit of power. We now have 3,100 units of currency remaining.

Armor has six different types. Chainmail lessens the cost of adding a Status Effect to the armor, but has no defensive bonuses or penalities, Full-Body offers great defensive bonuses, both the defense stats and from status effects, at the cost of dodge, block, and parry rating. Vests offer additional dodge, block, parry and speed at the cost of physical defense. Breastplates offer greater physical defenses and resistance to status effects at the cost of psionic defenses. Robes and Cloaks offer defenses against status effects far cheaper then most other armor types, but are extremely vulnerable to physical attacks. We'll be using Chainmail, as we do not have the dodge, block, and parry to sacrifice to use it. You cannot use a piece of equipment if it would drop a stat under 1.

<AmatsuBot-Dev>  ¤Copper-Chain¤Bronze-Chain¤Iron-Chain¤Seraph-Chain¤

<AmatsuBot-Dev> <Price: 1890> <Type: Chainmail> <Phys. Def/TotalDef: 0/80> <Mag. Def/TotalDef: 0/80> <Psi. Def/TotalDef: 0/80>

This is the Iron Chain. It seems to be the best choice, but since I'd like to purchase a shield to go along with the Iron sword, I'd prefer the cheaper Bronze Chain. The additional defense the Iron Chain offers is not that much. We now have 1,970 money remaining, as the Bronze Chain cost 1,130. A Bronze Shield runs us 1,150, leaving us with 820 left. We'll use 300 of this to buy a few potions from the shop, in case we need them. However, I've noticed I do not have enough MP for techniques, so we will skip them for a level. A bad build can be quite costly as you can see...lets try a battle none the less. We'll fight against a equal level enemy, though the enemy will not be equally equipped.

Battles can consist of any number of combatants, and any number of 'teams', which are used to seperate the sides in the battle. Typically, there will be two teams. In this case, the enemy will be on team 2. The enemy we face is a single Goblin Fighter, which has been designed to be faster then my tanklike character. As such, it goes first. Lets see what happens when it attacks.

<Prismbot>  Goblin-Fighter has used Fire-Strike on Amatsu! Amatsu needs type !block, !dodge, !parry, or !nothing to decide his or her response to the attack!

Even though it's risky, I'll try to parry, to turn the attack against the enemy!

<Prismbot> Damage done to Amatsu: <178> TOTAL: <178>

Obviously it didn't go well. I took the technique head on, sustaining some major damage. Thankfully, the enemy is now out of MP, and thus, short of a critical hit, will have difficulty fighting me. The battle goes back and forth a bit, until I get my third turn and finish it off, granting me a small ammount of experience, money, and technique points, which are used to purchase techniques.

That's it for this subject. There's more to battle still, like status effects, but I'll go over those another time. Thanks for reading.

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